goods in transit insurance

Goods In Transit Insurance

Goods In Transit Insurance is an essential cover required for those carrying the goods of others. 

Whatever goods you need to insure, we can help find a policy well suited to you and your requirements.

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Goods In Transit Insurance – What Is It ?

Goods in transit insurance ( GIT Insurance ) is an additional feature for a courier, haulage or commercial insurance policy.

This feature of the policy adds the extra benefit of covering all your goods against damage or loss while they are in transit, so this could be items that you are delivering as a courier or haulage driver or tools or materials that are in your possession while in transit between locations.

There are two main cover types for goods in transit cover – if you are insuring against your own property that you would usually carry for your business or job this would require a commercial van insurance type of policy or if you wish to insure against other people’s goods and cargo that you have on board for haulage or delivery reasons then you would require a courier or haulage type of policy.

There are varying different levels of cover for the goods in transit feature and you should think carefully about your individual or businesses needs and requirements – as with all cover, you need to make sure that you have enough protection for your circumstances, but conversely insuring at levels that are not required is only going to put your premium up unnecessarily.

All insurance companies that offer these types of cover will have different policy requirements and different cover levels and it is up to you to check with your insurer that you are getting the cover that you require for your circumstances before you go ahead and purchase your policy.